Salient Discs offers a full line of discs in a variety of flight paths. From putters and midranges to fairway and distance drivers, you will find something to fill that void in your bag.


Salient Discs Putters

Salient Discs offers two putters to help lower your scores and raise your confidence! The Touch is a big bead putter with a neutral flight while the Lockjaw has a classic design that many will love.

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Salient Discs - Midranges

The Antidote and Vaccine midranges by Salient Discs will bring unmatched levels of control when you need it the most. This pair of discs can fit comfortably into your bag.

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Fairway Drivers

Salient Discs - Fairway Drivers

Three fairway drivers highlight the Salient Discs lineup! The Vein’s overstable flight leads the pack as the Flatline’s neutral and Suture’s understable flight round out the group.

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Distance Drivers

Salient Discs - Distance Drivers

Salient Discs has four distance drivers in various speeds and stability levels. The Napalm, Reign, Backdraft, and the very unique Prometheus will help you reach distances you’ve only dreamed of.

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Salient Discs Liquid

Our highest level of durability plastic with translucent to slightly opaque finish, most grippy premium blend of plastic on the market!

Don’t miss the Liquid Metal version too! Durability of our famed Liquid plastic with a metallic or sparkle finish.

Salient Discs Cryo Plastic

Our best blend of durability and grip, available in Soft or Stiff versions.

Salient Discs Karbon Plastic

Our introductory pro style plastic and most affordable, great all weather plastic specifically available in our putters. Karbon Ancient is our baseline version of Karbon plastic. Great for putting.