[accordion_item parent_id=”Plastic Blends” title=”Liquid Metal Plastic” open=”true”]Durability of our famed Liquid plastic with a metallic or sparkle finish[/accordion_item]

[accordion id=”Plastic Blends”][/accordion][accordion_item parent_id=”Plastic Blend” title=”Liquid Plastic” open=”true”]Our highest level of durability plastic with translucent to slightly opaque finish, most grippy premium blend of plastic on the market[/accordion_item]

[accordion_item parent_id=”Plastic Blends” title=”Cryo Plastic” open=”true”]Our best blend of durability and grip, available in Soft or Stiff versions[/accordion_item]

[accordion_item parent_id=”Plastic Blends” title=”Karbon Plastic” open=”true”]Our introductory pro style plastic and most affordable, great all weather plastic specifically available in our putters. Karbon Ancient is our baseline version of Karbon plastic. Great for putting.[/accordion_item]


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