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  • Spark

    Spark: 10-16 disc capacity $75

  • Helix Disc Golf Backpack

    New Limited Warranty price of $160 added as well as full lifetime warranty option at $210

    GGIS DN photo
  • John E McCray Signature Reign

    Reign is our newest distance driver made for everyone’s favorite disc golf pro John E McCray. Available in ultra premium Liquid and Liquid Metal Plastic blends. Reign is a reliable over stable distance driver that can handle any wind for maximum distance. Flight Rating 13/5/0/2


    • Consistency

      Past DG manufacturers have struggled with making a disc fly the same from run to run because of an array of factors, therefore Salient Discs has enacted a set of checks and balances.

    • Disc Flight Advancement

      Disc golf disc advancements have stagnated for many years and with this a large number of competitors have released similar types of discs which have quickly mimicked existing discs on the market. Salient Discs is here to change that!

    • Player Friendly

      SD has taken the time to listen to all disc golfers to release discs that fit each of their skill levels. To reach this goal every disc we release will be tailored to mimic a set flight pattern making easy to learn flight characteristics.